Open Up Our Schools

  • Pastor Michael D. Smith
  • July 24, 2020


In dealing with Covid-19, Florida did not shut down the way Michigan did, but eventually, they stopped attendance at the schools. A case report from Doug Badger in The Daily Signal shows children in Florida ages 0-14 had 6,717 cases with only 117 needing hospitalization and 0 deaths! This data was an aggregate count as of June 29, 2020. Reports now show if a person is asymptomatic, they are very unlikely to spread the virus. With this known science and numbers, why would there be any doubt about opening our schools as normal, without any masks? If a child is sick, they need to stay home. Healthy children do not need to wear masks.

Our school boards are elected by the people, and the school administrators work for the community, not the State or Federal government. We hire doctors to help us with health issues because they are far more educated than we are, and understand medicine better than we do. BUT, if a prognosis seems incorrect, we seek the opinion of another doctor. Many times, the first prognosis was incorrect, and by getting a second or third opinion, people are alive who otherwise would be dead or still suffering in poor health. The school Covid-19 prognosis has been filled with fear, doom, hopelessness, and confusion.

The evidence indicates our Government and health officials have manipulated the numbers and scientific facts about Covid-19. In extreme prejudiced, no opposing medical opinion is tolerated but harshly rejected. The news media and social media platforms censor any information that does not line up their narrative. Nurses and medical staff in hospitals are ordered to “keep quiet” about the actual numbers and facts concerning Covid-19 or risk losing their jobs. Medicines like Hydroxy Chloroquine have been proven safe and effective, but are being criticized and discouraged. Dozens of doctors have attested to these gross errors and are exposing the lies, as some call these excessive controls a “Hoax.” Many of the social distancing practices that supposedly keep us safe are at best, minimally effective, and through fear cause more harm than good. Our Governor rejected CDC guidelines by placing Covid-19 infected patients in with our most vulnerable citizens, into nursing homes, but expects us to follow CDC guidelines!?

These manipulations of the truth have caused fear, panic, financial devastation, suicides, a rise in alcohol abuse, children filled with anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and are a far greater harm to our State and community than the Coronavirus. People are suffering in great pain, some dying, while waiting for elective surgeries. We would rather risk the infection of a virus, than continue to destroy our communities. This is not “selfishness” or “putting money over people” as some would imply. It is the courage to support one another, to gather as a community knowing there is no “perfectly safe Utopia.” We refuse to live in fear, allowing it to destroy our freedom and families.

“Some health experts have emphasized the need for students to attend in-person classes moving forward. The American Academy of Pediatrics released a set of reopening guidelines in June that warned parents and policymakers of the "considerable risk of morbidity and, in some cases, mortality" associated with "lengthy time away from school." Additionally, a JAMA Pediatrics review of 18 studies found that most children who contract coronavirus "generally required supportive care only, and typically had a good prognosis and recovered within one to two weeks."’ Collin Anderson - JULY 17, 2020 6:00 PM The Washington Free Beacon

Even the President of the United States has told the Governors to open schools this fall. Let me mention again; our Governor rejected CDC guidelines when she thought it was appropriate. Why would it be any different if we rejected her guidelines if we believe it is in the best interest of our children, our families, and our community? To stand up and do the right thing will not be easy, but to “go with the flow” will be catastrophic and cause irreparable damage to which we all will be held accountable.