• Pastor Michael D. Smith
  • April 17, 2020


has become more
powerful than our Constitution:
which basically means;
“Because I said so!”

Any Governor or Mayor can mandate overreaching authority with little accountability by using the word “Essential.” They determine what is essential and what is non-essential taking control of people’s lives in a totalitarian manner. Still people sarcastically ask, “How has this shutdown affected your Constitutional rights?” As soon as a person stands up and questions the overbearing restrictions, they are accused of being insensitive, and not caring about people getting sick. I agree the government needs to implement procedures to help keep us safe, but at what point do they become Draconian?

This is what is happening in America:

  • People are confined to their homes and are not allowed to let anyone in.
  • Christians were not allowed to have family come to their homes and celebrate Easter.
  • You are not allowed to go to your neighbor’s house, or to your second home or cabin.
  • You are not allowed to work and support your family, even at the risk of losing everything you have.
  • You are being forced to close your business and many will go bankrupt.
  • You are not allowed to purchase guns or ammunition.
  • Pastors are being arrested for having church.
  • Church members are being fined $500.00 for being in their car, in a church parking lot, while still honoring social distancing.
  • You are not allowed to fish with a motor boat and are subject to a $500 and or 90 days in jail and also can be issued a $1,000 fine from Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services (but you can fish in a canoe!?).
  • Governors are telling people what they can and cannot buy as they determine what is “essential” not allowing the purchase of American flags, seeds, gardening supplies and other items, allowing these items to be sold in some stores but not in others.
  • Governors were restricting our health care by discrediting the use of Hydroxy Chloroquine. It is readily available and already proven safe and effective. Isn’t that up to our doctor? Attorney General William Barr said the media is on a “jihad” to discredit hydroxychloroquine.
  • Despite the number of deaths and people contracting Covid-19 drastically decreasing (proving current restrictions are working), Governors are abusing their authority and mandating greater controls, as they run commercials inciting more fear and panic and making absurd predictions of thousands more dying, while at the same time our President is saying it is time to reopen our country.

The authorities are now considering:

Mandatory medicine being forced on people against their will.

A certificate of “good health” before you can freely travel about.

Keeping people locked down for another 18 months.

Going into your home and taking your children or spouse if they have covid-19 and forcing them into a quarantine. Remember, this is a flu virus, not Ebola! Will we even be able to see them or know what is going on?

The government has literally taken over our lives and people are asking “How has this shutdown affected your Constitutional rights?” Really!? Are people that blinded to what is happening in America? Our battle is not against a virus, but against those who are manipulating this situation to gain more control and then criticizing anyone who challenges what they are doing. They vilify those who question them by saying they don’t care about other people.

America is divided and the end-of-age Final Battle has begun! This is a spiritual battle manifesting in the physical realm. Click here to request your free copy of the book “The Final Battle.” by Michael Dennis James Smith